Introducing a 100-Megabit Guitar

Being the lucky recipient of a new Fender Strat (Santa ROCKS), but also a GEEK, I have mixed feelings about plugging my axe straight into a PC. I’d be fascinated though to know what Lou Reed thinks about this. He’s spent 40 years trying to master his sound, both live and on recordings. Anyone out there able to get a comment from Lou for me? 

The mercurial CEO of Gibson Guitar Corporation wants to shove Ethernet up your ax and rock the music world. By Greg Milner from Wired magazine.
[Wired News]

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  1. Russ C. says:

    Lol, I don’t know about Mr. Reed, but I know that my ’69 Telecaster sounds fantastic through my Audigy+LiveDrive

  2. Russ, so you just jack it straight in? Do you recommend Audigy?

  3. David Cumps says:

    (Note: i don’t know a thing about instruments)

    It looks cool, plugging a guitar in a network :p Maybe you can attach like 3 of them with a switch and get all signals on a client somewhere simultanious 🙂 It looks nice, it could make it easier for the less fortunate ppl who do not want to spent too much money on it.

    I’m guessing now you need the guitar and an amplyfier and boxes etc? While everyone nowadays already has a PC with boxes on, so he would only have to buy a guitar and plug it in and use some audio tools

  4. i guess it would mean the end of the amp business? would high end PC speakers (higher than we have now of course) do the same job?

  5. Russ C. says:

    I jack it in throught the Audigy Livedrive which has the same connectors … I suppose I would recommend the Audigy as it can cope with that level of input quite well, the Livedrive has a seperate volume control for that input … plus you can use the EAX effects quite well, saving on an effects pedal 🙂

  6. Russ C. says:

    Oh and I’d recommend speakers like the Logitech Z-680 set which are simply fantastic.

  7. Dan Auger says:

    Not yet Cameron. Even the most sophisticated digital amp modeling techniques/software fall short on sound quality when compared to a real tube amp. I do think however, this will open up a whole lot of new uses/applications for guitars.

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