update on the Seinfeld DVD

okay okay I know it has nothing to do with .Net (flame me anyway if you must kids), but let's get our priorities in order!

Movie Poop Shoot has an update on the controversy surrounding Jerry's co-stars' lack of participation in the DVD due to non-compensation. Looks like we will see a Seinfeld DVD sometime in '04!

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  1. Wow… I can’t believe they would ask the actors to work for free to promote a product they will be stiffed on. Amazing.

    I love(d) the show, though, this is sad that the history will be tarnished like this. I am sure the stars will be complaining about this the rest of their lives. I would.

  2. Cameron says:

    yeah on first read I thought it sucked as well… but then I thought about it a little more… a developer at MS, say, contributes to the success of an application. She gets paid for the effort and time she puts into the app. If she leaves the company and the application sells a billion copies, does she get a share of the take? No. Did she know this when she signed up for the job? Yes. I’m pretty sure the actors (or at least their representation) knew what they were signing them up for when they agreed to do the show. And Jerry had the better deal. Fair? Maybe not. Were they each a critical part of the success of the show? Absolutely. But without Jerry there would have been no show. (Or Larry David either, as evidenced by the quality of the show after he left).

    But hey, they spent ten years making something special and they each made a good living out of it, not to mention making a name for themselves in the business. Yada Yada. Build a bridge and get over it, I say. Not like putting a commentary on a DVD is going to be a big sacrifice…

  3. nickster says:

    I don’t like the MS developer anology. In that scenario, the developer leaves Microsoft and doesn’t continue to be compensated. But let’s say that a few years later, Microsoft contacts the developer and asks her to write some more code for the same software. Additional compensation would definitely be expected for this.

    In the case of Seinfeld, the actors are returning in order to do commentary, etc. This is new work and therefore requires additional compensation.

    Regardless, I don’t think any of those involved in Seinfeld really ever need to work again.

  4. mark says:

    I don’t like either anology, the Seinfeld actors are being asked to return to do commentary, not produce more shows (write code). Anyway, they were offered money for their commentary. Probably not much, but some.

    As far as, never needing to work again, you’re right there. In addition to the piles of cash made during the series, they each get $100,000 a year–except Jerry, he still makes piles of cash–for the re-runs.

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