MyIE2 vs. Firebird

Any comments as to the relative merits of MyIE2 vs. Firebird? I've been playing with the former for a couple of days now and it seems pretty much equal to Firebird in any way a mere user like myself can tell. Lots of plug-ins available. Does tabs. Fast. F11 for lots of real estate. And, the best bit... IT WORKS. I can blog in .Text. I can open ActiveX controls. I can get to MS Intranet sites. What am I missing?

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  1. Frans Bouma says:

    The only thing that’s a disadvantage of MyIE2 (used it prior to Firebird) is that it still uses IE for rendering the page. this means that security flaws in IE, for example with IFRAME’s, links inside pages, activex objects etc. , will also be a problem with MyIE2, not with Firebird.

  2. Russ C. says:

    You have to remember, that the the ActiveX issue in Firebird / Mozilla / Gecko … Isn’t a bug or an oversight …. the developers chose not to support ActiveX … Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not …

  3. Phil Scott says:

    As Frans says, I think a lot of people are keeping away from IE solely because of security concerns. There are gobs of scary things that people can do to your machine when running IE.

    The only thing keeping you safe while running any app that embeds IE (including MyIE2) is the hope and prayers that the links you are clicking on are safe.

    Not that Mozilla is 100% secure, but the exploits for IE are very well known and easy to reproduce.

  4. Cameron says:

    okay, this may be naïve, so I’m running WindowsUpdate, AV and a firewall. What is the real and present danger in running IE?

  5. Andrew says:

    Nothing can compare with IE from programmer

    point of view(XAML model is simple .NET extended IE;-) so security flaws is price for

    powerful capabilities, all the rest is matter

    of time.

  6. Cameron,

    you can do a google search on "unpatched IE holes" and find more info.

  7. regarding MyIE2 vs. Firebird, I think it is a split decision. Most of the features that MyIE2 has that Firebird doesn’t can be fixed with the addition of a Firebird extention. I honestly don’t like the IE browsing experience as much as Firebird anymore, so using IE as the browser is actually a disadvantage in my book.

    [disclaimer: I make every cent of my income via MS products, either directly or indirectly, and 0% via opensource.]

  8. Well, the fact that myIE is adware should also be considered. I want my computer ad free !

  9. A couple of points.

    1. MyIE2 is not adware supported. Some of its plugins might be. They can be disabled easily.

    2. MyIE2 now has experimental support for Mozilla rendering engine.

  10. I find the pop-up blocker in Firebird to be sensational! It also seems quikcer. We have figure out how to write scripts in ActiveWords with it, so right now I can’t really articulate any minuses to using it.

  11. Cameron says:

    just an update on this: I’ve been using MyIE2 exclusively for a month now and I’m never going back!

    well, never is a mighty long time, but let me say I’m addicted to tabbing. MyIE2 + Activewords is a pretty powerful combo.

  12. bigBADguy says:

    MYIE2 exists over years…i had been using for nearly a year… switched from another tabbed-brower. Recently also using Firefox /w Mouse Gesture plugin.

    I dont think compare them are fare, MYIE2 comes with tons of goodies for power user, while Firefox is a clean, and comes with most common featues.

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