top Australian e-tailer running on MS

According to David Adams in The Age, the folks at Wishlist say: “The technology uses a custom-built platform running on Microsoft ASP and SQL7 and processes payment transactions via a Camtech payment system.“It's actually more than capable of handling what we're doing right now," ”

I wonder when Wislist are planning to migrate over to .Net? The folks at Seek did a while ago with great results.

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  1. Justin King says:

    Considering they are on SQL 7 and have only 3 developers (at last count) this could be something they may never achieve.

    Seek still looks to be on asp for bulk of it unless they have changed default extension to asp instead of aspx.

  2. Cameron says:

    yeah, I had a bunch of chats with Dinh Truong about moving to SQL 2000 a few years ago but I don’t think they saw any business reason to move. After one of our SQL gurus Yuri Budilov helped them optimise their database a couple of years ago, they can do huge throughput with their current architecture. That’s actually our biggest problem getting customers to run the latest stuff – our old stuff works too well!

  3. Paul Cowan says:

    Sorry to respond to something posted ages ago, but I only just found your blog.

    As one of the three developers Justin speaks of, I can tell you now that in the current ‘dot com’ marketplace, any form of radical technology shift is going to require a pretty compelling business case to justify the expense (and, in the case of the SQL 7 -> SQL 2000 migration, it’s a fairly enormous expense). In the case of moving to ASP.NET, though, it’s as you say — if it ain’t broken, and we’re doing pretty amazing things with the old technology, it’s hard to justify.

    Believe me, we’d love to look at moving. Cameron, re-work some licensing figures on the old calculator, and Dinh will be waiting for your call!

  4. Cameron Reilly says:

    Hey Paul, nice to hear from you and glad you are still working at Wishlist! While I’d love to see you guys running on .NET, I don’t think discounting the software is the right approach! Isn’t there ANYTHING compelling enough in .NET to convince developers like yourselves to migrate?

  5. Paul Cowan says:

    It’s not the developers you have to convince! Hehe.

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