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just bought the dvd “Lou Reed: Rock & Roll Heart” and loved it. Saw Lou live for the first time a couple of months ago. Closest thing to a religious experience I'll get. This dvd gets five stars.

BTW, “Sweet Jane” has my vote for the greatest rock song ever recorded. “Rock And Roll Animal” as the greatest live rock album. I recently bought a poster from the launch of RARA on ebay and it sooo cool. 🙂


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  1. Frans Bouma says:

    The thing about Lou’s music is… if you want to play guitar and sing it at the same time you’ll find out the tempo’s are different or something, he starts/stops singing on different ticks than you will with the guitar playing, very odd, and you have to pay attention very carefully to not mess up the playing or the sining 🙂

    But I wouldn’t call it ‘Rock’ per se, but perhaps I’m a little too metal minded 😉

  2. Cameron says:

    yeah but cmon frans, playing along with a cd is hardly rock n roll! take it and play it your own way. 🙂

    interesting comment on the dvd from suzanne vega (paraphrased): "everytime I want to get focused on creating something special, I listen to ‘Berlin’."

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