WinPlanet – 2003’s Top 10 Windows Software Apps

Great to see Microsoft Office 2003 (or MOS [Microsoft Office System], as it seems to be called internally these days) take out first prize, and also great to see 1.1 get runner-up. I'm a big fan of great software, no matter who puts it out. Business models aside, great software is great software. I've been running OpenOffice 1.1 at home for a month (alongside MOS) and I'm very impressed with how far it has come. As a power-user, I prefer MOS, but I can also think of lots of ways it could be better. So far, as much as I can tell, OpenOffice is still playing catch up, and has a ways to go, but innovation is where it is at. I think hard-nosed competition in this space for MSFT is a good thing. Let's face it - we have better products today because Netscape lit a fire underneath us back in '95. I truly believe we can have even better products ten years now as a result of the focus we put around providing more value than “non-commercial” technologies.

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  1. Deke says:

    Maybe you can pass those sentiments onto the IE team. Theyre still about 4 years behind the game. Just look at the work being pumped into Firebird, and it becomes terribly obvious how rudimentary IE is these days.

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