I don’t believe Saddam was truly captured

I mean... c'mon... they DNA tested him.... riiight... I'm going to believe what I see on CNN, don't you? Here's my take on events...

1. Dubya's popularity numbers are lower than a “spider hole”

2. Rumsfeld calls up Saddam who's been living in a CIA-funded penthouse apartment in Florida for the last 8 months (next door to Osama), and says “get the costume out, your Godfather needs you”

3. Donnie sends a limo around to Saddam's condo, whisk him to the nearest CIA studios, where they shoot a little political commercial... “no, no, don't brush your hair, it looks fine like it is... that “just got out of bed look” is perfect!”

And even if this is the real Saddam, what are they going to do? Hand him over to the ICC to charge him under the War Crimes Act which Bush refuses to sign the USA up to??

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  1. Topper says:

    Go back to hugging your tree. It misses you when you are away coming up with conspiracy theories.

  2. Saddam says:

    Yes, it was me. They got me. I am not in Florida.

  3. Normally we in the weblogs.asp.net community do not talk about political crap, only technical stuff; it is only on quite historic events that such off topic posts been acceptable. Normally I would brow-beat ya on this but since today is such a historic day; I guess it can slide.


    One cannot sit back and let an Australian propogate misinformation.

    First of all, GWB’s popularity only matters here in the US, you dont win and lose elections from public opinion polls in other countries. On top of that is the fact that the President’s approval ratings are quite high, upper 50s in most polls and placing that against similar 3rd year incumbency data, W is blazing a trail!

    Second, no President should sign the United States up for the ICC because it is a constitutional violation of the due process rights afforded all American citizens.

    All these things can be known if only one wants to take the time to look. I am not a fan of GWB, he is a "big spender" and is taking us down a dangerous economic path.

    There is one simple truth in all this though, the world is a safer place today because the US and our allies chose to spend our blood and treasure to see the fall of a tyrannical dictator; today we have seen it.

  4. Officer Barbrady says:

    Move along. Nothing to see here.

  5. Jim Martin says:

    HAHAHA…. Some times I wonder… E-Business Solution Specialist at MS??? With that imagination you should write for the Star Report. Ever thought of a career change?

  6. GWB says:


    Normally we in the weblogs.asp.net community do not talk about political crap


    Except for R.Burnt MyClaws of InnerHope USA who sprays anti-everyone_that_isnt_USA rhetoric at the drop of a hat


    One cannot sit back and let an Australian propogate misinformation.


    No, that is Rumsfeld’s job

  7. Cameron says:

    well there goes my career writing for The Onion. 🙂

  8. Hey Georgie Boy, that’s funny stuff man. I like the new company name…. I should go with that. But what do I do when my company goes global?

  9. Sommon Cense says:

    This from the same guy who suggests holding off on a plasma display in favor of an LCD. What fun would being right be without those who are always so wrong?

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