On the record: Marc Andreessen

Interesting interview at SFGATE with the wonder boy. On November 11 this year, I'm sure you all celebrated with me (yeah suuure you did) the 10th anniversary of the launch of Mosaic. It's been some decade, huh?

“In the final analysis, Netscape was several things that I'm proud of. It was a tremendous learning environment for a large number of people who have gone on and are very successful throughout the industry.”

“And that's my point about innovation. The trick is finding that one crazy idea. The problem with crazy ideas, though, is that for every one good crazy idea, there's a thousand bad crazy ideas. Being insane helps in tech to a point. But completely insane and you can't get through the day.“

“Anyway, we never figured there was going to be anything to the Internet outside of the small environment in which it was successful. As history showed, it turned out to be a big deal.“ <The great thing about THIS comment, IMHO, is it puts paid to the whole “oh Microsoft/Gates didn't see the Internet coming“ jibe.... apparently, neither did Andreessen.>

“Mosaic started with 12 users in February 1993. It had 1,000 users within three or four weeks. About 10,000 users by spring. It was up to 1 million by early 1994. That's how we knew it was going to be successful.”

Rock on.

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