Kazaa tops Yahoo’s search queries for 2003

Cmon Aussie Cmon. Kazaa tops Yahoo’s list of 2003 search words. Kazaa is run out of Sydney. Finally, another Australian company (okay so Sharman bought it from the Dutch… so?) gets world recognition for something related to the internet economy. Okay so they are allegedly walking a fine line with respect to their legality, but…


The Speechalator

That’s what they are calling a prototype two-way speech-to-speech system that translates medical information from Arabic to English and English to Arabic and runs on an iPaq handheld computer. The Speechalator. Pretty cool. Original article here. Via Slashdot.   There was a time when I had a goal to speak several languages. I studied Putonghua…

Introducing a 100-Megabit Guitar

Being the lucky recipient of a new Fender Strat (Santa ROCKS), but also a GEEK, I have mixed feelings about plugging my axe straight into a PC. I’d be fascinated though to know what Lou Reed thinks about this. He’s spent 40 years trying to master his sound, both live and on recordings. Anyone out…


Sony’s CEO Unplugged

 This is an old article from AlwaysOn (dates back to March 2003), but if you missed it then, read it now. It is a very candid interview with the Chairman and CEO of Sony, where they discuss Palm v Microsoft, Linux v Microsoft, PS v Xbox, Oracle on Linux, IBM as an OS partner… and…


The internet in a cup

From the Economist: “WHERE do you go when you want to know the latest business news, follow commodity prices, keep up with political gossip, find out what others think of a new book, or stay abreast of the latest scientific and technological developments? Today, the answer is obvious: you log on to the internet. Three…

MyRSS – roll your own RSS feed

this is probably old news to y’all, but it was a revelation to me tonight. myRSS enables anyone to build custom RSS channels for virtually any news site they desire. myRSS requires no programming experience, is completely automated and all channels are available for free. The first feed I created was for the Van Halen…


Ray Ozzie on the vision for WinFS and more

I realize this is quite an old post, but I just got around to reading it and it’s terrific. 640KB ought to be enough for anyone  


I like it. I like it a lot. Chess. Plus. Boxing. Chessboxing. Play four minutes of chess. Then do 2 minutes in the ring against your opponent. Repeat. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?? [via Memepool]


Top Ten Word Lists of 2003

The Top Ten Word List for 2003 from yourDictionary.com… Here’s something I learned: Most frequently spoken word on the Planet: 1. OK Still the most popular word in languages around the world. “OK” originated in a joke in the 1830’s, spelled “oll korrekt” in Boston newspapers, the joke being, both words were incorrect. It became…


Microsoft at the Tipover Point

The Inquirer has this article on “the IT industry is moving away from Microsoft” (by way of Slashdot).  While it contains a lot of typically vague and vehement Inquirer/Slashdot statements, it IS worth a read, especially by MSFT folks. I do believe the software game is going through an inflection point and I do believe…