Microsoft Australia’s ISV strategy

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was pumped up about Frank Arrigo's presentation
on our ISV strategy. I've asked him to provide some links to more info on what we
are doing. Here they are:

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slides from last isv breakfast


you know any software vendors working on our platform, I highly recommend you point
them to these URLs!

of course, keep an eye on Frank's
. He tells me he's already posted these links and if I paid attention I would
know that... 🙂


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  1. frank arrigo says:

    I forgot to add one more topic – the empower program

    The Empower program is designed to assist ISVs, over a 12-month period, in developing a commercially-viable software product based on Microsoft technologies. It is intended to assist ISVs to become Microsoft Certified Partners and is therefore not available to existing Microsoft Certified Partners or Microsoft Gold Certified Partners.

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