addicted to ebay

Further to my recent
about Ebay becoming the 11th largest retailer in the USA, I should share
my latest contribution to their coffers...

latest ebay conquest
... or should I say my latest capitulation?

Anyone else out there appreciate the signifigance of this item? My sister can't believe
I spent $100 bucks on it but meh... that album means a lot to me...

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  1. adam bomb says:

    taking a walk on the wild side, are we?

  2. cameron says:

    I’m a huge Lou fan and this album has always been one of my favourite of his as well as IMHO one of the very favourite live albums of all time. It was also the pre-cursor to both punk and arena rock. Lou had just come from the commercial and critical disaster of the Berlin album (another of my favourites) and he put together this awesome road band (DIck Wagner and Steve Hunter on guitar who later formed Alice Cooper’s solo band and worked on Welcome To My Nightmare) and re-invented himself and his sound… brilliant.

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