blogging at MSFT AUST

I just had a great IM chat with Mark Baartse who is the Online Platform Manager at
Microsoft Australia. He's apparently a man with a vision - to have our local
CEO, Steve Vamos, as a blogger. I think it's a great idea to have Microsoft execs
blogging. Personally I agree with this
article in The Economist
that greater transparency is a good thing for corporations.
"Rather than engage in futile resistance to it, firms should actively embrace transparency,
and rethink their values and
generally get in better shape."

What do you think? Do you want more blogging? From non-technical folks? What would
you want a Microsoft exec to blog about?

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  1. frank arrigo says:

    it would be good to see, but not likely.

  2. Cameron Reilly says:

    do you think ANY of them would Frank?

  3. adam bomb says:

    I’d like to see that. I’ve heard that there are some execs that are regular readers of blogs, but I don’t think there are any blogging currently. Is there really much they could say that people would care about, without giving up valuable IP?

  4. frank arrigo says:

    MS PTY execs – i seriously doubt it. I agree with Adam Bomb – they really wouldn’t have any thing to say.

  5. Cameron Reilly says:

    well maybe they could say that! 🙂
    it might be useful for pty execs wanting to enhance their direct face time with customers (enterprise and consumer) and partners with an alternative communication/feedback channel where they can solicit input and ideas on how to improve our services?

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