food for thought

Some great quotes from BillG here given
recently at the ETRE conference in Berlin…
for example:

…developing the next version of Windows (aka Longhorn) “costs as much as putting
a man on the moon.”

… he predicted that in three years a cockpit-type environment of three 21-inch
displays will cost about what one 19-inch flat-panel display costs today (US$655 at

ALso, some interesting quotes from Joe Schoendorf, a venture capitalist at Accel Partners:

… we are about to enter a gold rush unlike any I ve seen in 38 years in Silicon

… Everything installed in the world today is obsolete& Companies are paying
in monthly service costs what it would cost them to build a complete new platform.

… I ve never seen so many good ideas in Silicon Valley, because there are so many
unmet needs.

… He sees the major activity in six areas: ultrawide broadband wireless, pervasive
computing, home entertainment, mobile devices, e-commerce, and web services.

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