Never stop moving

It’s been a year since I left Microsoft and moved to Japan to study Japanese at Yamasa. Now that my year-long studies have completed, I have moved to Tokyo (just this past Tuesday!) for a job doing IT design. In the spirit of change, my blog has also moved and can be found here:…

IsNot patent

I can’t stand seeing my friends slammed on Slashdot yet again, so I’d like to say something about the “IsNot patent” fiasco. Paul, Amanda, and Corneliu are some of the nicest people I know, and I had the pleasure to work directly with them for several years. The “IsNot patent” is the result of a…


Analyzing the aggregate music tastes of Mac, Windows, Linux users

Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to Audioscrobbler. Using an audio player plug-in, your music choices are collected and compiled into an overview of your musical taste, accessible from the Audioscrobbler website. The website also displays a list of neighbors–users with statistically close musical tastes. Friendster for music. Groups are another interesting feature of…


Installing Japanese Keyboards on Windows XP

A little while back I bought a Japanese keyboard to use with my laptop while docked. It’s a Microsoft Basic Keyboard 1.0A, with 109 keys. Not only does it have more keys than a standard US keyboard, but the layout is slightly different (such as the location of the apostrophe ‘ and at-symbol @ keys)….


I’m at war with the washing machine

I’m at war with the washing machine. No matter which countermeasures I take, this “home appliance” manages to stretch my clothes to extreme and unfair proportions. It is particularly brutal to t-shirts. I’m not the only one. Each apartment in my building has the same model. Every so often I spot a student, a fellow…


Outsider’s Eyes

It may sound strange, but odd-numbered years always bring me better fortune than even-numbered years. Sorry, I won’t elucidate. I’ve returned to the United States for the holidays to visit family and friends. Having spent the previous 9 months living in Japan, I’ve wondered how this experience has changed my perception of the US. What…



TechEdは火曜日に始まりましたが、授業があったので、私は水曜日に名古屋から行きました。初めに参加したセッション はVisual Basic 2005でした。Visual Basicを手伝って作ったので、発表会を見るのは楽しかったです。Visual C#セッションとVisual Basicセッションの出席者数は同じぐらいでした。Visual C#はもっと人気があると思ったから、びっくりしました。私はVBのほうが好きなので、ちょっと嬉しかったです。:) 木曜日、河端さんに招待してもらいましたから、INETAのComegaセッションに参加して話せました。何を言うか考えました。心配したけれども、大丈 夫でした。TechEdが終わったばかりです。たくさん優しい人に会いました。私は行けて嬉しいです。


People to thank, blogs as an emergent social network

Meeting people and building social networks is what makes conferences like TechEd really valuable. Last week was no exception. I had the privilege of meeting and talking with quite a few nice people. Thanks to everyone on this list:   [伊藤由起子] Yukiko Ito, ZEST Inc. [宇田豊和] Toyokazu Uda, Fuji Xerox [柿沼雄一郎] Yuichiro Kakinuma, ITMedia [河端善博]…


TechEd part 2: Comega and VB

Finished another day here at TechEd. Saw a presentation on Visual Studio Team System. Wow. No wonder the blogosphere is ablaze with Team System discussions. Where did they find the time to build all that stuff?   I was fortunate enough to be invited by INETA Japan to participate in a panel discussion on Cω, a “strongly typed, data…

TechEd Impressions

I’ve finished my last session for the day here at TechEd. Right now I’m staring out over Yokohama Bay where the expansive Yokohama Bay Bridge dominates the view.   I attended the VB 2005 session this afternoon to see what the audience was like and what kind of topics were discussed. The room, which sits…