Happy Blog Birthday!

One year ago today/yesterday I created my first post, since then averaging one per month. I feel like I need some sort of excuse for my snail-like pace. Maybe it was all those clandestine operations in Liechtenstein.



A week ago three classmates and I went to the Nagoya Sumo tournament and the experience was simply amazing. For those of you who think Sumo wrestling is a bunch of obese half-naked men pushing each other around, well… you’re right. But that’s about as useful a definition as “a lot of men on bikes”…


Tokyo Trip Report: the Java-in-Japan question

Had a great time in Tokyo last week. Used Freespot to find some places with free wireless access, among them Cafe la Voie and Mixing Cafe. Also went to a meeting of the Tokyo PC Users Group where I heard an enjoyable presentation on the application of the electromagnetic spectrum to weapons technology. Spent some…