After three grueling months of Japanese language study, I'm ready for a break. Thankfully, summer vacation is coming! All next week I will relax in the quiet and peaceful expanse called Tokyo. But what to do? Cool cafés, restaurants, shops... any suggestions? I want to skip the major tourist attractions. Perhaps there is a .Net user's group that meets around then (which the Visual Basic Users Group Japan seems to, but I don't know enough Japanese to tell where).

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  1. Phil Weber says:

    Cameron: You might contact Yukiko Ito ([email address removed — cambecc]), I believe she’s in Tokyo. She’s a longtime VB programmer and fluent in English; I’m sure she can help you find something to do.

  2. I send a mail to Yuki about this blog Today.

    Yuki, and i are member of INETA Japan.

  3. Yukiko Ito says:

    Hi, Phil and Yoshihiro,

    Thanks for always remembering me (^^). I got email from Cameron. Unfortunately, this month we’re not having our user group meeting, so Cameron is coming to my office to have a chat.


    Looking forward to seeing you this Friday (^o^).

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