An Abstract Specification for Visual Basic Late Binding

In an earlier post, I talk about the implementation details of late bound expressions. That discussion considers the interface between the VB compiler and Late Binder but lacks an overall discussion of late binding: what it is, and how it works. What I present here is an abstract specification for VB late binding.   To…



After three grueling months of Japanese language study, I’m ready for a break. Thankfully, summer vacation is coming! All next week I will relax in the quiet and peaceful expanse called Tokyo. But what to do? Cool cafés, restaurants, shops… any suggestions? I want to skip the major tourist attractions. Perhaps there is a .Net…


I’m an Expert Trash Sorter

From my city’s Offical Guide to Reducing Trash in the 21st Century. Sorting trash is not fun. I’d rather let the garbage collector do it.

The Anatomy of a Late Bound Expression

When I first arrived at Microsoft to work on the Visual Basic team, I had no idea what Late Binding was. My manager at the time explained it to me: “Late Binding is all about figuring out which methods to call while the program runs. It’s complicated. You’re going to work on something else.” This…