Resize your pictures for your phone or pocket pc

I have many digital pictures, and I’d like to put some of my favorites on my SmartPhone. However the files are much higher resolution than the device’s display. This means the files take a lot more memory on the phone, and they take longer to process. I wrote some code to resize the images automatically….


Create your own web browser on your SmartPhone

Windows Mobile 5.0 comes with a Web Browser (v6 is due out any day now).  It runs on Pocket PCs and SmartPhones. That browser only allows one web page to show at a time: to show another page, you have to navigate away from the current page. I created a web browser for my first…


Customize your Windows Mobile SmartPhone home screen and Start Menu

My Smartphone (Cingular 2125) died the other day: actually the phone was fine: the SIM card needed replacing. In the old days, if your phone died you could get help 24 hours a day. Nowadays you have to wait til their service center is open. On the trusty landline phone, they told me to swap…


How to generate dynamic images for your web application

Typically, a web site might show some pictures. These could be pictures of items for sale from a catalog, personal photos, etc. Usually, the web author places these pictures as files in a directory on the web server, and just puts links to them in the authored web pages.   This scheme doesn’t easily allow…


SmartPhone running low on memory due to Storage Card recognition

For some reason, my SmartPhone was giving me a message that memory was full. I hadn’t done anything to it to cause this: no new software installation or configuration, so I investigated a little further. A few of my applications didn’t work either: a message would say that components of the application couldn’t be found….


Creating your own web browser for your SmartPhone

I like my Cingular 2125 SmartPhone (see Windows SmartPhone can run my Web Apps).   I went to Microsoft TechFest a couple weeks ago, which is put on by Microsoft Research to show off the latest and greatest. Several people had the same phone, and more than a couple indicated that this phone was a…


Windows SmartPhone can run my Web Apps

I took my family to Whistler for some great skiing. Because our cell phones didn’t work too reliably when we were there before Christmas, we decided to get new cell phones to replace our 2 year old analog cell phones. Communications was quite simple and reliable with the new phones.   My Cingular 2125 is…