Automatic tests protect your code

  Last month  in  Dynamically create huge tooltips in WPF TreeView and ListView I showed some code that creates large tooltips to present lots of data.   Today, we’ll talk about creating automatic tests for this feature.  Testing User Interface features has been difficult historically. How do you automate a mouse hovering over an item?…


Dynamically create huge tooltips in WPF TreeView and ListView

  Tooltips are useful. When the mouse hovers over a button a tip can indicate what happens when it’s clicked. The mouse move does not actually invoke the button, but can give information in a passive way.   Sometimes I want to make huge tooltips. This essentially gives more screen real estate for presenting a…


Synchronize your files across machines with Mesh

I have a collection of almost 30,000 pictures and videos. When I add new pictures to the collection, I had been running a script file to synchronize the collection across various machines.     for %%s in (\\calvinh6\e$ \\calvinh3\e$ \\calvinh4\e$) do (                 robocopy  /s /fp %2 %1 %%s\pictures\%1                 Echo done 2 )  …


Magnify your pictures using a PictureBox so that you can zoom with the Mouse Wheel

Today’s digital cameras take pictures with much higher resolution than many computer screens. My Canon PowerShot SD800 IS camera takes pictures at 3072 x 2204 resolution.   One of my laptops died recently, and I noticed that local laptop retailers have machines with 1280 X 1024 resolution. I much prefer a higher resolution display, so…


Compress and timestamp your pictures to gain disk space

I was running out of space again on my notebook. As years go by, digital cameras can take pictures with more megapixels, but that means they take up more space.   Thus my pictures from 10 years ago are much smaller than this year’s.   Since I have multiple copies of my picture collection (28,000!)…


Use WPF and inline XAML in your Fox, Excel or VB6 applications

My prior post showed how to create XAML WPF and put it on your Winform App. We can go one step further: add XAML to a UserControl, which could then be made into an ActiveX control, which could be hosted by Fox, VB6, or Excel.     Start Visual Studio 2008 (as admin on Vista!!:…


Create your own media browser: Display your pictures, music, movies in a XAML tooltip

In my prior post, I showed how to use XAML and XAMLReader to create inline XAML to display the results of a query.   Today, let’s take it a step further: let’s create a query of all the media (pictures, movies, music) in your “My Documents” folder and display the names and sizes in a…


Resize your pictures for your phone or pocket pc

I have many digital pictures, and I’d like to put some of my favorites on my SmartPhone. However the files are much higher resolution than the device’s display. This means the files take a lot more memory on the phone, and they take longer to process. I wrote some code to resize the images automatically….