Optimization question from a reader

I received a question:   …I’ve always been curious about code like this: IF wParam=ASC(“a”)     wParam=ASC(“b”) ENDIF Is it more appropriate to think of ASC(“a”) as the Fox equivalent of a C ‘a’, or is it an actual function call every time through?   It’s easy to test this. Try running this code:  …


Balloons and Planes: cabin pressure

Next time you’re on a plane (or a submarine!), take along some scotch tape and a balloon.   While you’re on the ground, waiting for take-off, inflate the balloon. Wrap the balloon with the tape around the equator and note how the tape constricts the balloon’s size (like a belt on your pants).   Tape…


That was the worst natural disaster to hit the US

A coworker’s family was hit hard by Katrina. She’s collecting donations in our cafeteria today and tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if you see more Foxpro conference bags/backpacks/t-shirts in Mississippi!   Here’s her blog post about it: Save Waveland, MS annihilated by Katrina! I’m driving home with supplies. See how you can help. And, if you…


Remove double spaces from pasted code samples in blog

If you highlight a recent code sample from my blog and paste it into VFP, you might see the code double spaced. This can be annoying, especially if there are line continuation characters:             x= “This is a ” +;             “continued line”   I’ve found that to avoid this, I can paste into a…


New MSN Search Toolbar allows Tabbed Browsing

Several months ago, I saw an article about the FireFox browser, and how it could do “Tabbed browsing”. One of the main things I disliked about Internet Explorer was that in order to see multiple web pages, you have to have multiple windows. Alt-Tab to switch between windows was cumbersome. I tried FireFox and really…


New Tablet PC hard disk and using RIS

My 3 year old Acer TravelMate 100 TabletPC hard disk (20G) was dying. It has served me well as a portable machine. I love the tablet features and the small size. It was one of the original prototype tablets that I started using about 6 months before TabletPCs were available publicly. Recently, the disk was…


Is your Outlook mailbox overflowing? TreeMap it!

In this post I published 100 lines of code that showed how to get a visual representation of your hard disk to see which folders take the most space. It showed that my Outlook mailbox was half a gigabyte. (“C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\CALVINH\LOCAL SETTINGS\APPLICATION DATA\MICROSOFT\OUTLOOK” ). I am using some great features of Outlook: Cached Exchange…


Watch out when you use another computer for a demo

Wow…. I just had a nightmare of a time using a computer.   A colleague asked me if I could do a demo in a couple hours of some of the stuff I’m working on. I said sure, but I’ll need to use another notebook computer, cuz mine’s on the fritz. No problem, he said….


Very Old Program

  I was doing some spring cleaning and came across a computer printout of a program I wrote in August 1974, or about 31 years ago! That brings back a lot of memories. Coincidentally, a couple coworkers were discussing the CaSing of computer languages. What languages were in UPPER case, lower case, MiXed case, etc….


April Fool’s Pranks

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, I was talking to my daughter about some pranks that took place in my college days.   I mentioned the abundance of liquid nitrogen and what happens to a flower immersed in it for a few seconds: it becomes very brittle and shatters. Then I mentioned stories about…