Why does the component gallery give an error "Error building key for index"?

We received a bug report:




1) At the command window, issue the following:


Choose Tools->Gallery from the main menu


2) If the Visual FoxPro Catalog isn't open, then open it. Click on that

node in the left pane.


3) Using the combo box in the upper left, change the selected value from

"Default" to "Class By Type"




Error dialog:



Component Gallery


Error building key for index "c:\temp\00004utl00bf.cdx" tag "Type".


Browser:   classbrowser1

Object:      classbrowser1

Error:         2199

Method:    brwwriteproperties



Press OK to ignore error and continue.

Press Cancel to close Component Gallery.


OK   Cancel





Not this.




What’s happening?


The component gallery creates an index, but that index has a variable length index expression:


You can see the error line by unzipping Tools\Xsource\Xsource.zip.

See line 4446 in VFPSource\Browser\Browser.prg


INDEX ON UPPER(Type)+IIF(EMPTY(Parent)," ",UPPER(PADR(Text,50))) TAG Type


The expression has a conditional: with a length of either 1 or 50.

The fix is to make the index key length constant:


INDEX ON UPPER(Type+PADR(IIF(EMPTY(Parent),"",Text),50)) TAG Type




Moral: beware of index key expressions of variable length!



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