My daughter’s soccer schedule

I received an email forwarded from my wife with my daughter’s soccer schedule. Of course it had been forwarded through various mail servers, changing formats along the way from HTML, Plain Text, etc. The end result needed to be edited a little.


I just opened a Fox Editor window, did the edits and came up with a text representation of the schedule that was very easy to read.

Then I could have used Automation to add the items to my Outlook schedule


LOCAL ox as outlook.application



LOCAL oFolder as outlook.Mapifolder

oFolder=oSpace.Folders("Mailbox - Calvin Hsia")


FOR EACH oSubfolder as OUTLOOK.MAPIFolder IN ofolder.Folders




LOCAL oCalendar as outlook.AppointmentItem





But I thought to myself, there are only 9 items to add. Continuing with a programmatic way would require some testing, which meant a lot of Outlook Calendar manipulation, with which I’m not very familiar.

I remember one time I was testing some time sensitive software, so I changed the date/time on my computer. Unluckily, I had Outlook running, so a zillion Outlook reminders came up<sigh>.

However, I’m sure with the right code and a more pressing need, automatically adding calendar items is fairly straightforward. Has anybody manipulated the Outlook calendar automatically? I invite you to post a comment if you have.


So I proceeded manually: I added a single item the way I wanted it (pasted the entire schedule into it, made a reminder occur 1 hour before), made it a recurring appointment, then adjusted the subsequent weeks as needed (there were a couple weeks with no games, one with a double header, and each there were varying start times).


Now I can read the entire schedule from my phone! )Some of you are probably snickering because you've been doing something similar for years<g>)


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