Why did we limit the command window history length?

In this post: You can hit enter anywhere on the line in the command window, I talked about the command window history.


Daniel asked why the size of the history seems to have a limit of around 256K in VFP9, but no limit in VFP7 (or VFP8).



It was limited to fix this bug report from a customer Oct 2003.


Things to notice about the bug report:

  • It’s just code that can be copy/pasted/run with no fuss

  • It’s a bare minimum of code: not multimegabyte files of code (A 4 GigHz processor can execute about a billion instructions per second. Which one of those billions has the problem?)

  • It clearly demonstrates the issue

  • It says what Observed, and Expected behaviors are






(1) Run these commands from a new .PRG:




      [MODIFY FORM test]+CHR(13)+[? VERSION()]+CHR(13), ;

      199999),HOME(7) + [_COMMAND.BAK])

o = NEWOBJECT([_shellexecute],HOME() + [\ffc\_environ.vcx])




(2) You now have a Windows Explorer window open to your user data directory. Delete _COMMAND.PRG and then rename _COMMAND.BAK to COMMAND.PRG.

(4) Open VFP again...



=== OBSERVED ===

VFP takes a long time to start and when it does, it is using about 325megs of memory.



=== EXPECTED ===

Either a linearly increasing memory usage or limiting _command.prg to a sensible size like 1 MB.



=== COMMENTS ===

To clean up, exit VFP, delete _COMMAND.PRG and rename _command.MINE to _COMMAND.PRG









Comments (2)

  1. Kent says:

    Hello Calvin,

    When using the Environment Manager Task Pane in VFP9 SP1, how can I get the command window to reload the previous command set when changing from one project to another. Each project is stored in a separate folder with its own foxuser.dbf.



  2. Calvin_Hsia says:

    Hi Kent, Unfortunately, the Command window contents are initialized only when the Command window is first shown. You could perhaps use a project hook to change _command.prg contents and shut/down/restart VFP

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