Publishing blog statistics horror story

I received an email from someone at Microsoft this morning about the availability of the Excel spreadsheet for internal Microsoft blogger December hit statistics. Last month I had written a program to show MS Bloggers hit statistics.


So I ran the program including the new December XL file on my test machine, tested it from a few web browser instances, saw that it all worked, then copied the PRG, DBFs to the production server. I just did a simple test on the production server, then sent an email to the MS Bloggers alias announcing the stats through December were available.


Within a few minutes, there were dozens of hits from around the world (note: to run this program you must be on the internal Microsoft corp net).


On a whim, I clicked on one of the generated links, and to my horror, I saw that only a few records of data were showing! The main page showing aggregated stats for all MS Bloggers worked fine, but the detailed month by month pages were missing many months.


I examined the suspect SQL Select statement to see what could be wrong:


SELECT LEFT(CMONTH(,3)+" 2005" as Month, ;

      TRANSFORM(rss,cPict) as Rss,;

      TRANSFORM(web,cPict) as Web,;

      TRANSFORM(total,cPict) as Total,;

      TRANSFORM(rss/web,"99,999.99") as Ratio,;

      TRANSFORM(pos,"9999")+"/"+TRANSFORM(bm.cnt,cPict)+" =  %"+TRANSFORM(INT(100*pos/bm.cnt)) as Position, ;

      IIF(bs.btype='M',"MSDN","Technet") as MSDNTech;

      FROM blogstats bs INNER JOIN blogsum bm ON bs.btype+DTOC(,1) =bm.btype+DTOC(,1);

            WHERE blog == cBlogName ORDER BY MSDNTech, INTO CURSOR foo


Because a few records were missing my first thought was that the INNER JOIN wasn’t working right. Perhaps I had upper/lower case join condition mismatch? How about the date format? Did SET ENGINEBEHAVIOR make a difference?


What version of VFP was running on each machine? Did I have an interim beta build running? I tried another machine, and it reproduced the problem.


Finally, I realized that when I copied the main DBF, I had neglected to copy the associated index file, so VFP’s Rushmore was using an incomplete index for the SQL statement.




See also What is an index anyway?

Comments (3)

  1. It’s good to see I’m not the only one that’s made that mistake.

  2. Fabio Lunardon says:

    if someone had added a timestamp of synchronism in the dbf and cdx headers,

    this horror would not be happened.

  3. Carl Warner says:

    As long as no lives were lost… <s>

    If you aren’t making mistakes, you’re not doing enough.

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