SQL Select helps tune a car engine

In this post: Fox helps drag racer win Microsoft Start Something Amazing Award, I wrote about an application written for drag racers. Don has kindly posted a comment on that entry detailing some of the aspects of his system. It’s a more detailed look at a highly sophisticated application that has evolved, benefiting from years of experience on the inside.


Who would have thought that SQL Select, weather stations, wireless devices, could help predict the engine tune-up required for the next drag race?


Applications are always evolving and improving.  As new ideas surface (using weather stations, tracking opponent’s performance) and technologies (wireless, on board computers) emerge, they can be incrementally added to the application. An underlying platform change, such as CPU, operating system or programming language needs to be able to accommodate newer technologies (USB, Wireless) and yet still be backward compatible to ease the transition of the application over perhaps decades.


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  1. tony says:

    how about this a mini-itx car pc with obd2/usb reader and verizon broadband nic and ms streets @ maps with usb gps device. Well you have your on personal onstar, I can track the car see how fast its going etc….

    all this with xp embedded and a server running msde and little code!

    Please note this is just the tip of the iceberg in this case, it actually has my head spinning

  2. BuckyBob says:

    Tony – these have been out for 3 years now- whats yer implementation look like? If you’d like a Volvo V70 decked out, let me know – we deliver.

  3. tony says:

    Cheap broadband celluar nic’s are more recent then that so I’m not sure what your saying about "been out for 3 years". This is not about an in car gps or a obd2 scanner thats to easy! Sure there are other two way comm devices that probably talk to cars but I’m sure there more expensive right?

    I’m not saying I created anything new its just fun to come up with this stuff!

  4. One of our customers writes software for drag racers (see Fox helps drag racer win Microsoft Start Something…

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