Are water and salt the only inorganics we consume?

Of all the naturally occurring foods/drinks that humans normally ingest, is it true that all but two of them contain carbon? In any case, these 2 are very common. Maybe there’s a candy bar I don’t know about that doesn’t have carbon<g>. (Of course I mean pure H2O and pure NaCl.).


I suppose that there are mineral pills that may not contain carbon (like calcium pills?). Some may argue that pure water or salt don’t exist in nature. Others may argue (complain?) that they just ate inorganic turkey.

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  1. Calvin,

    Can’t really answer your question… there’s nothing about it in VFP’s Help!

    On a related-note, I recommend vegetarianism to everyone…

    San Juan, Puerto Rico – USA

  2. Bob Stone says:

    Air is all inorganic, except the pollutants, of course!

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