I cant understand why men cant live without wars

I read A 'Rand'om Word Trick For You about inserting “Random” words into Word for sample data. It actually puts in a fixed sentence (“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”) multiple times, which isn’t random at all.


That reminded me of the Shakespearean monkeys code that I wrote a while ago that spits out much more random words, but which are still legible. The code uses a Fox cursor to store word patterns with their occurrence frequencies. It randomly selects the next character to output based on pattern frequency, then loops. Run the code and examine this cursor.


Below is an actual sample using a pattern length of 18 using the first 100,000 words of War and Peace as a model. The output will be similar to the input, so you can try Latin text, or a computer program in any programming language, or any other text file), as a model.


  And I am still arguing with your husband I cant understand why men cant live without wars

How is it that we women dont want anything of the kind dont need

it Now you shall judge between us I always tell him Here he is

Uncles aidedecamp a most brilliant position He is so well

known so much appreciated by everyone The other day at the

Apraksins I heard a lady asking Is that the famous Prince

Andrew I did indeed She laughed He is so well received

everywhere He might easily become aidedecamp to the Emperor You

know the Emperor spoke to him most graciously Annette and I were

speaking of how to arrange it What do you think

  Pierre looked at his friend and noticing that he did not like the visitors tone of condescension to childish

things She did not reply and only bowed but again

everybody saw his smile which said nothing unless perhaps Opinions

are opinions but you see what a capital goodnatured fellow I am

And everyone including Anna Pavlovna felt sure he would say

something inappropriate she was unable to stop him

  The execution of the Duc dEnghien had gone secretly to

Paris to visit Mademoiselle George that at her house he came upon

Bonaparte who also enjoyed the famous actress favors and that in

his presence Napoleon happened to fall into one of the fainting fits

to which he was subject and was thus at the ducs mercy The latter

spared him and this magnanimity Bonaparte subsequently repaid by




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  1. Gabe says:

    This sounds a bit like a Markov chainer. Are you familiar with such things?

  2. Kelly says:

    Does anyone else think that men are way to insentive to womens’ feelings?

  3. Kelly says:

    Does anyone else think that men are way to insentive to womens’ feelings?

  4. I wrote a Word Search generating program in C++ (308 lines) years ago: my brother used it to generate

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