Tools->Options->Dump out settings changed

Try this:


ACTIVATE WINDOW "debug output"



Now choose Tools->Options. Shift-Click on OK


You’ll see the options dialog settings echoed to the Debug Output window. (in versions prior to VFP9, it will be echoed to the Command window)


The DoHistory is also echoed to the same window.


Try this:


ACTIVATE WINDOW "debug output"


FOR i = 1 to 10






Comments (7)

  1. wOOdy says:

    Hi Calvin,

    maybe you could also reveal, WHY that output is generated in such a mess? What’s the reason (or in geekspeak: usecase) for that particular mis-ordering? It’s not dependend on the order of the pages, and it’s sparkled with non-useful comments. I see a reason to put SET TALK on top, but why isn’t the rest just alpha-sorted? That way one could really use that output and drag it over into a ‘settings.prg’ etc. Maybe you could do some miracle and clean up that mess, maybe as a sidetask in one of those boring .NET meetings… <vbg>

  2. Sullaiman says:


    Those settings that are in comments don’t have their equivalent SET commands and are stored in the Registry (HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftVisualFoxPro9.0Options)

  3. wOOdy says:

    Hi Sullaiman,

    I know that. But those registry-settings have absolutely no use in that case. They just clobber the whole output, and you have to manually delete them afterwards anyway.

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