Why can’t I browse my table?

You can open a table with a UNC path in it, such as


            USE \\myserver\myshare\path\table


            USE \\123.456.123.123\myshare\path\table


            USE h:myshare\path\table          && where h is mapped to a network drive


            USE \\www.myserver.com\table




This will probably take a bit longer than opening a local table.


Many times I like to type ahead.(more about typing ahead here: Relaxen und watchen das blinkenlights. What lights?) After typing in a USE command, I’d type in “Alt-V B” to bring up the View Menu, Browse option, even thought the USE command hasn’t finished opening the table.


Why doesn’t this work all the time?


With no table open, the View menu doesn’t show the BROWSE option. When a table is opened, and the system is idle, VFP will refresh the menus and add the BROWSE option.


When you type ahead, the keystrokes are put in a buffer for later processing. When the remote table is finally open, it will process the keystrokes. However, since there was no idle, the menus haven’t had a chance to refresh.


Comments (3)

  1. David Fung says:

    I am glad and surprise to see that a table can be opened by USE \www.myserver.comtable, but when I try it out by uploading a dbf to my webserver and try to access it that way, it doesn’t work for me. It just says "File xxx does not exist". Any idea? I already make sure the lettercase is the correct.

  2. VFP9 Developer says:

    Usually after I modify a class and close the Class Designer or sometimes I click a class node in Class Browser ,the Class Browser maybe has a fatal error like this :

    Fatal Error:Exception code = C0000005 @ {DateTime}. Error log file : <Pathvfp9err.log>

    Called from – classbrowser1.refreshmembers line 0 {}

    called from – classbrowser1.refreshrecno line 0 {}

    called from – classbrowser1.autorefresh line 0 {}

    called from – classbrowser1.activate line 0 {}

    This error occurs so frequently that I was delayed .This error exists still in VFP9SP1Beta,why does not VFP Team fix this very big problem in SP1?

  3. If you have a file open on some drive (perhaps a USB or network drive) and the Data Session window open,…

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