That was the worst natural disaster to hit the US

A coworker’s family was hit hard by Katrina. She’s collecting donations in our cafeteria today and tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if you see more Foxpro conference bags/backpacks/t-shirts in Mississippi!


Here’s her blog post about it:

Save Waveland, MS annihilated by Katrina! I’m driving home with supplies. See how you can help. And, if you have not made contact with family or close friends, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


I remember going to a Fox conference with my wife, mother-in-law and 3 year old daughter in New Orleans in May 2000. I just queried my Visual Foxpro picture database for the keyword “Orleans” and found 66 pictures from that trip.


On the way to New Orleans, our stopover at Denver’s new airport was memorable. Our flight was delayed and circling Denver until my daughter was airsick and vomited all over my wife. We had just enough time to buy new clothes at an airport boutique (since our bags were unavailable). One would suspect a collaboration between the air traffic controllers and airport boutique stores!


I remember seeing the New Orleans Convention Center from a taxi under a highway overpass.


In New Orleans we had dinner at the Commander’s Palace where we were required to wear dinner jackets despite the 90 degree heat. We were waiting in the lobby and saw some restaurant reviews on the wall. We were discussing the reviews and apparently the powers-that-be overheard us and thought perhaps we were “anonymous” restaurant critics, so we were given the royal treatment! I have a photo of the Maitre’d bringing balloons for my daughter. We were given a grand tour of the kitchen.


 I believe the New Orleans conference was the launch of VFP 7.0.

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  1. Deb Armelino says:


  2. mschaef says:

    I think that ‘worst’ is a very difficult word to use in reference to natural disasters. In a way, all disasters are ‘worst’ for the people they most directly effect.

    That said, calling Katrina the ‘worst natural disaster to hit the US’ seems a little odd, given the death toll was a small fraction of the loss Galveston suffered in 1900. We should be careful not to forget our collective history.

  3. SaraFord says:

    Nice, i’ve always wanted to eat at Commander’s Palace, but never got the opportunity. I really wanted to go there last November when i was home, but we just never got around to it. Man, i’ve learned never to think, "Oh, we’ll just do it next time." =)

  4. Hey Calvin!

    I used to work at Commander’s Palace and I can assure you that any one that showed interest in the restaurant, they were going to get the royal treatment! It’s why they are considered the best! :-).


  5. saraford says:

    Weird, I just got a trackback notification for this.  It’s funny to read my comments about Commanders Palace.  And yes, I can finally say that I’ve been to Commanders!  An uncle and i went back in November of 2006 or January of 2007, i can’t really exactly.  But they had just reopened a month earlier.

    My next stop is Antoine’s in the French Quarter.

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