The .Object member

If you have an ActiveX control and you want intellisense to show just the control’s members, you can use the virtual “object” member. A control is hosted in a container, which has ambient properties


For example, type this in the command window:




(if you cut/paste these 2 lines into the command window and execute them, it won’t work because the variable “x” will have been created and gone out of scope. You can work around that by creating a variable “x” first)


Now if you type “x.oc.” intellisense will show both the treeview control’s “ambient” members (such as Top, Left, Init, Destroy) and the treeview control’s members (DropHighlight, Nodes, FullRowSelect) interspersed.


VFP provides an additional member called “object”, which displays only the object’s controls, minus the control’s container properties.


If the control had a “Top” property, then “.object.Top” will distinguish between the ambient and native properties.

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