Move your "My Documents" folder

The “My Documents” special folder feature of Windows helps users to separate their programs from their data.


The default location for “My Documents”  is a few levels down in the Explorer hierarchy

C:\Documents and Settings\calvinh\My Documents

Explorer shows a shortcut to “My Documents” for easy access.


However, I like shorter paths, so the first thing I do with a new machine is to right-click on “My Documents”, choose Properties and change the “Target Folder Location” to something like “d:\calvinh”


Now when I want to access that folder from another machine, I can just type \\calvinh6\d$\calvinh


(Beware, now instead of “My Documents\My Pictures” you will see “calvinh’s Pictures”)

Comments (1)

  1. There is, however, the occasional program with part of the default path hard coded which will lead to problems. It is very rare and usually outdated software, but the problem does arise occasionally.

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