Randy’s Devcon Demo

Randy is using my blog as part of a Demo at the Devcon keynote. He has some Fox code running from Outlook that allows the user to add RSS feeds that the user wants to subscribe to. Hopefully if his demo works, this message shows up in Randy’s Outlook folder in front of the live audience at the keynote.


A few months ago, I posted a sample showing how to write an RSS aggregator that reads user specified blogs and posts them to Outlook folders in < 100 lines of code. Randy’s sample creates a COM Add in that’s added to Outlook, so Outlook has a menu from which the user can launch a Fox form to subscribe to blogs.


Randy also showed Shell Namespace Extensions written with Fox code. It’s pretty neat to use Windows Explorer to navigate to a folder and have Fox code running to generate the content and behavior inside Explorer! It’s even more amazing (and recursive) to put the web browser control on your VFP screen and navigate to a local folder on your hard disk that contains, for example, a VFP project and have Explorer show the contents of that project. Dbl-clicking on a form in that project brings up the VFP form designer!


Should I put something very embarrassing about Randy in this post?


If you don’t want to see it, don’t scroll down!

















































Just kidding!<g>



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  1. Hi Calvin,

    Any chance of seeing some sample code for Shell Namespace Extensions written with Fox code?


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