Data Entry for dates: autoincrement tip

A handy tip that is not widely known: When a VFP textbox contains a date or datetime field, the user can hit the “+” or “-“ keys to increment or decrement the date portion by one day. Also works for BROWSE


It’s been this way since at least the foxpro 2.0 days (that’s over a decade!)

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  1. wOOdy says:

    I tested this "feature", and it seems that it ist NOt availible in FoxPro 1.02, 2.0 and 2.6 DOS and 2.6 Win. I only got it working in VFP3 and above.

    Also, this only works if the field is fully selected. But as soon as you click into the field, the magic disappears. In a Textbox on a form the SelectOnEntry has to be set or the field has to get highlighted manually with Ctrl+A.

    Are there any other hidden Keycombinations in the textbox? What about incrementing month or year? And wouldn’t it be great, if we would finally get a inputmask for entering a time value?

    See ya in Las Vegas!

  2. no more f*x for me says:

    do not press ctrl-0 (zero)

    (you can break many applications)

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