Word to audible speech

Here’s some interesting code to run. It starts Microsoft Word and binds some Fox code to some Word events.

Type some text into the document. Select some text.


When the Selection Change event occurs, the Foxpro code creates the speech API object and speaks out loud the currently selected text.




ow = CREATEOBJECTex("word.application","","")

omyevents = CREATEOBJECT('myevents')

omyevents.ow = ow


ow.visible = .t.





DEFINE CLASS myevents as Custom


      implements applicationevents2 IN "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\msword.olb"

      ow = .null.

      PROCEDURE applicationevents2_startup()


      PROCEDURE applicationevents2_quit


      procedure applicationevents2_DocumentBeforeClose(Cancel,Doc)


      procedure DocumentBeforeClose(Cancel,Doc)


      procedure applicationevents2_DocumentBeforePrint(Cancel,Doc)


      procedure applicationevents2_DocumentBeforeSave(Doc,SaveAsUI,Cancel)


      procedure applicationevents2_DocumentChange


      procedure applicationevents2_DocumentOpen(Doc)


      procedure applicationevents2_NewDocument(Doc)


      procedure applicationevents2_WindowActivate(Doc,Wn)


      procedure applicationevents2_WindowBeforeDoubleClick(Sel,Cancel)


      procedure applicationevents2_WindowBeforeRightClick(Sel,Cancel)


      procedure applicationevents2_WindowDeactivate(Doc,Wn)


      procedure applicationevents2_WindowSelectionChange(Sel)


            IF sel.start < sel.end

                  IF VARTYPE(this.oSapi)!='O'


*                       this.oSapi.Voice=this.oSapi.GetVoices().Item(1)



*                sel.InsertAfter("Fox!")

*!*               mtmp = sel.text

*!*               sel.text=STRTRAN(mtmp,"good","Great!")


      PROCEDURE destroy


            IF !ISNULL(this.ow)





Comments (54)
  1. Great sample Calvin.

    Note that this uses MS-Word 11 (Office 2003). For previous versions you’d have to adjust accordingly. For example, at work I use Office 2000 (Office9) so the path there would be:

    implements applicationevents2 IN "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICEmsword9.olb"

  2. Ken Weber says:

    Can this be done without hardcoding a path to the OLB?

  3. Thierry says:

    implements applicationevents2 IN "Word.Application"

  4. George says:

    Hi, Extremely neat! is there an equivalent SAPI .DLL for W2K O-S’s?

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