What’s the difference between Internet Explorer and Explorer?

From the navigate bar of either, you can type a web URL like www.msn.com or a local file path like “c:\Windows”


In this post I showed how VFP can use the web browser control easily.


Try opening a few instances of IE and a couple of Windows Explorer, then run this code. All the windows of both types are in the same collection.



LOCAL oShell as Shell32.Shell


FOR EACH oWindow as SHDocVw.WebBrowser IN oShell.Windows



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  1. David Fung says:

    Does SHDocVw stand for Shell Document View, which is a unified approach to both IE and Explorer windows?

  2. A customer wanted to run code whenever a user started Internet Explorer.


    A possible solution…

  3. maurani says:

    some java script is not working in mozila bt it is working properly in internet explorer.What is the reason behind tis?

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