Third Party application does work as a COM+ application

A few months ago, I reported a problem that a customer was having with a particular 3rd party product that seemed not to work with Visual FoxPro.  It was a COM object that could be instantiated via CreateObject.


I was quite surprised that Windows guru Raymond Chen (author of the great blog: The Old New Thing) posted a comment within a few hours that pinpointed the problem in the code.


I mentioned that a workaround might be to put the product into a COM+ application, and that I couldn’t test it.


I just received email confirmation from another customer who had the same problem. They put the product into a COM+ application, and it indeed worked as expected with VFP.


I know how it feels when a fairly complex scenario doesn’t work as expected, but I am able to find a simple solution and workaround.



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  1. Claude Fox says:

    This is true in many VFP web scenarios too, although I’m not sure how related that is to this exact problem. For example, for a vfp mtdll called from ASP or ASP.NET that accesses SQL/MSDE or even networked dbfs, a COM+ application must be used to impersonate a user with the proper rights in order to work…

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