Using Outlook to manage new documents

I like using Outlook to manage documents that I compose, such as this blog entry.


What I mean by that: I start writing a document by simply starting to compose a new mail message. I have Outlook configured to use MSWord as my email editor, so I have the full capability of Word at my disposal.


I can just hit Ctrl-S and my document is saved in my Outlook Drafts folder. Giving a meaningful subject line helps for later retrieval.


Since I use Outlook from about 4 different machines the draft is now available from each of them. I did not have to go through the motions of naming the document or saving it in any particular place.


I can just start a blog entry and save it to resume later, perhaps at a different place. I have a couple dozen drafts in my drafts folder.


….several days later…


Now I’ve just opened this draft Blog entry to work on it some more.



This technique is another way to transfer information from one machine to another. It’s sort of a giant super clipboard




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  1. Several months ago, I saw an article about the FireFox browser, and how it could do “Tabbed browsing”….

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