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Today, my colleague Enrique Palomino and I discovered this amazing tool for Windows Phone 8 that is absolutely a must.

It's name is Remote Office and enables you to control any Office file via a Windows Phone 8 and bluetooth. It has been developed by Microsoft Research and in their words:

Office Remote turns your Windows Phone into a smart remote for Microsoft Office, providing convenient touch-based control of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents projected from your PC. It lets you show what you want, when you want, with all the freedom you need to walk around and connect with your audience.

To set the tool up, you should follow the following steps:

1.- Install the app for Windows Phone 8 from this link

2.- Install an Office add-in in order to make the trick

3.- Open Remote Office and pair your PC with your Windows Phone 8 device via bluetooth.

4.- Open a file in your PC and enable Office Remote.

5.- Then you will be able to do the following things with:


- Navigate next slide/previous slide
- View slide thumbnails and jump to slide
- View speaker notes on phone
- View presentation timer and slide progress
- Laser point using touch on your phone


- Navigate rows and columns
- Change sheets by swiping
- Use Slicers, PivotTables and Filters
- Jump to any named object in your workbook
- Change zoom level


- Jump to headings
- Jump to comments
- Screen up/down
- Line up/down
- Change zoom level

I hope you'll enjoy it 🙂

For more info:



Héctor Calvarro Martín. SharePoint Dev/Core. Microsoft EMEA Premier Field Engineer.

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