SharePoint Server 2010 & MySite exception: Your personal site does not contain a picture library named ‘Pictures’.

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Most of you have faced the following bug after uploading a photo to a root MySite site collection:

The issue is because of a regression on the October 2011 CU. The steps to repro it:

Users cannot upload pictures to mysite configured on root site collections of a web app

1. Create a Mysite collection for UPA
2. Install OctCU
3. Goto mysite as a user and try to change his picture

Unfortunately, There isn't any easy workaround for that however the issue has been fixed in the December CU 2011 (It will be released circa December 27th 2011)

Thank you.

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Héctor Calvarro Martín. SharePoint Dev. Microsoft Support Engineer for DEV EMEA

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  1. ChristianW says:

    Good news!

  2. Fatih AVCI says:

    No.. I have tried the cumilative update and more but still getting the same error 🙁 any ideas?

  3. Hi Fativ

    Unfortunately not, Maybe you are not affected by the same issue. I recommend you open a Premier support case.


    Kind Regards.

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