Add-Ins in Dynamics NAV 2013 (1#3) – Interfaces for data binding and the OnControlAddIn trigger

Introduction With the arrival of Dynamics NAV 2013 later this year we will introduce a few improvements on our Client Add-In story which we believe will be a great productivity improvement for partners who are in the business of creating and shipping Add-Ins as part of their solutions and projects. The new additions are found…


Add-Ins in Dynamics NAV 2013 – Loading of NAV R2 AddIns in NAV 2013

Dynamics NAV 2013 appears at the horizon. Selected partners have received already many builds and a Beta has been released to partners. There are going to be some really powerful new capabilities available in NAV 2013, which I will blog about in the near future. But let’s start with one piece of information: How to…


Timeline Business Data Visualization in Inventory Projection for DynamicsNAV 2009 R2

  Just have released a new improved release of the Timeline visualization for DynamicsNAV 2009 R2 on Partner Source and Customer Source! It is already a while ago since Microsoft DynamicsNAV R2 has shipped. On the DVD image there two Business Data Visualizations shipping: The Treemap visualization and this now updated Timeline visualization. The latter…


Visual Studio 2010 Templates for Add-ins in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 RoleTailored client

When Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 had been released with the possibility to host your own client controls in the metadata driven UI of the RoleTailored client, I heard the need from partner for tools that help with the firsts steps to create such an Add-in. I had released a number of templates for Visual Studio…


Hotfix released for “Full Screen” mode with the RoleTailored Client

Two new command line parameters have been introduced for the RoleTailored client of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 as a hotfix (KB 2312984). They enable a number of new usage scenarios for the RoleTailored client. Samples for those scenarios are: point of sales, point of information screens, and monitor screens showing self-updating key performance indicators….


Announcement: Treemap Business Data Visualization available on PartnerSource and CustomerSource

Christmas is near and I am proud to have a colorful present for the Dynamics NAV community. The “Treemap Business Data Visualization for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 – Partner Community Edition” is available for download here on PartnerSource and on CustomerSource. For the restless reader (“in a few words”)    “Treemap Business Data Visualization…


Resources for my DynamicsNAV Client Extensibility sessions at Directions 09 in Austin, Tx

This morning I have arrived back from Directions 2009 in Austin, Texas. Directions was a fantastic conference with a great setup at a incredibly beautiful location. The program was packed with great sessions and I had lots of networking and feedback from partners on Client Extensibility for the RoleTailored client. I have learned a lot…


Add-ins for the RoleTailored client of Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 (part2)

Yesterday afternoon, a colleague from Italy send me an IM asking for help on a customer scenario. The customer wants his users to see a strong warning sign attached to the item availability in the Item FactBox. The warning shall only be shown if the availability drops under a certain level. He had already experimented…


How to: Debugging of Add-ins

Recently I was giving a presentation about Client Add-ins and it turned out that the audience had already seen all available material about Add-ins. So what could I show instead? Live programming of a new Add-in was what I came up with. The Add-in should be a traffic-lights type of state indicator. This is a…


“Hot Topic” recording on Client Extensibility available for Dynamics NAV partners!

Yesterday I have recorded a “Hot Topic” on Client Extensibility and the creation of Add-Ins. Feel free to review the content here: Now after Dynamics NAV 20009 SP1 has been released to partners, it time to start experimenting with this exciting feature.I hope this 1 hour presentation will give you a good jump start into…