Hotfix released for “Full Screen” mode with the RoleTailored Client

Two new command line parameters have been introduced for the RoleTailored client of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 as a hotfix (KB 2312984). They enable a number of new usage scenarios for the RoleTailored client. Samples for those scenarios are: point of sales, point of information screens, and monitor screens showing self-updating key performance indicators….


Showing Bitmap flags in the Repeater (!!! Without Add-ins !!!)

I have heard this a number of times:  “How do I show Bitmaps in a RTC Repeater?” This seems not to work – so can you please make Add-ins work in the Repeater too (so we can make a Picture Add-in for the repeater)? Therefore I’d like to post a clarification in this Blog (even…