Validation Wizard – Configuration Checker

The deployment validation wizard can really be broken up into three main parts.  Those parts are as follows: Configuration Checker, Connectivity Checker, and the SIP Logon Checker. The one that we will tackle today is the “Configuration Checker”. The Configuration Checker is a checker that can be run from the validation wizard.  Now the interesting…


Validation Wizard – Overview

With OCS 2007 there are many ways now to see if your deployment is going sound.  One of those methods I will discuss with you is the Validation Wizard.  Now to those that are familiar with LCS 2005,  you should be glad that we now have something to validate if what we are doing is right…


Console Logger Components Defined!

  The following table represents the options that are available once you in the console logger.  The console logger is a tool used for troubleshooting OCS.   Component Name Server Role Description of Logged Contents ABServer Front End Server Enables logging for the Address Book Service that provides global address list information from Active Directory…


DVT Auto Answering Agent – Step by Step (Revised) works with OCS R2

So for those who have seen the blog posting about the DVT (Deployment Validation Wizard) or have seen my webcast about Detecting Audio Quality Issues with OCS 2007, have pinged me about how to deploy it.  More specifically about it appearing “Offline” and how to resolve it.   So the below steps are how I setup…



I just delivered a webcast about edge servers in the perimeter network; you can find the webcast at the link below…  I reference the different scenarios in which to use the edge servers and go through the topologies that are available.      


Edge Topologies 4 of 4

So I have deviated from this session for quite a while now, not on purpose but for there where other areas that just crossed my mind that I wanted to chat about.  Now back to the last section of the Remote Access Edge Topologies.  Where we left off was talking about the 3rd topology which…


OCS 2007 Resource Kit Tools

A very cool webcast has just been done, its OCS 2007 Resource Kit Tools.  This is level 200 webcast containing information about the tools that OCS 2007 have available from the Resource Kit Tools install.  I have been asked quite a bit about what tools are there and how to use some of them.  This…


Deployment Validation Tool Webcast

Last week I did a webcast regarding the Deployment Validation Tool (DVT).  This was a much needed webcast that had to be delivered for I talked about this tool at quite a few Voice Ignite sessions.  Now interesting thing about this webcast is that I dont talk about the intall but rather I dive into…


OCS Migrations Lessons Learned

Just completed another webcast today on OCS 2007 Migrations Lesson Learned and the link can be found here  Now this webcast talks about how to migration from LCS 2005 SP1 to OCS 2007; in addition we talk about some of the finer points of the migration with regards to what we learned from previous…


Interact 2008

  I will be speaking at this event…     INTERACT2008 Join Microsoft at INTERACT2008—an exclusive event for key community influencers in the unified communications space. This event provides a unique opportunity for you to develop deep technical knowledge on Microsoft’s unified communications products, build powerful new connections with leading professionals in the industry and…