OCS 2007 R2 Edge Server Topologies

For those that have already deployed OCs 2007 R2 and have external users working with IM, Conferencing, and perhaps voice as well have seen the changes we have for R2 Edge.

In OCS 2007 we had four different topologies that one could deploy:

1) Consolidated Edge
2) Single - Site Edge
3) Scaled - Single Site Edge
4) Multi Site Edge

Now with R2 we have done some changing around with the topologies.  To being with one of the biggest new items that comes to R2 is the concept of the consolidated edge topology now. This is where we have all three roles (Access Edge, Web Conferencing Edge, and Audio Video Edge) all on the same box.  Now the other roles that we have consist of the Load Balanced Edge, and the multi-site edge.  The last two don't differ from the first one all that much.

So with the three topologies we have now with the Edge for R2, now you mau be wondering where does that leave me if I deployed something not like the ones above for R1?  Pretty simple, NOT SUPPORTED.  This may sound harsh but, in reality its true and unfortunate. 

So not to leave you on a sour note, there are some nice things about having these consolidated edge topologies now. 

1) Simpler Edge deployments
2) Load Balancing the Edge (with two boxes now)
3) Support for Multiple Access Edge Servers in a Forest now

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