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I’ve been posting some comments about Indigo on my other blog – feel free to subscribe if you’re interested in Indigo.  Here are some of the Indigo entries I’ve written: Fair warning, I do occasionally blog about non-technical topics.


fetching you a bottle of water does *not* motivate me

This is the story of an inspirational speech that, well – wasn’t. I went to a divisional meeting recently – lots of people, lots of powerpoint. The topics were a bit dry, and the last speaker was clearly trying to drum up some excitement and enthusiasm.  He started telling us a story about Lance Armstrong.  “People…


How well do you know your Microsoft acronyms?

 I made the following challenge over on Channel 9 – anyone care to take up the gauntlet? “That takes me back – when I started at Microsoft eight years ago, I worked in the Windows build lab.  This was back when we were working on SUR, and IIS 1.0.  We used SLM instead of SD,…


Pat Helland blogging

 Wow, Pat Helland is blogging – that’s too cool. Update: for those who don’t know of Pat – he is very knowledgeable about distributed architecture issues, and also has a wonderful way of explaining them.  If you ever get a chance to hear him talk, I recommend it.  Recently, for example, he coined the great…

how to contact me

I published this info when I started my GotDotNet blog; with the move, now is a good time to re-present the info: Bruce Williams I am a test developer for Indigo – current and future Web Services technology at Microsoft. e-mail:  IM:


Be verwy verwy quiet – we’re hunting bugs!

Eric Lippert has a great post describing some of his adventures with security issues in VBScript.  I particularly liked this segment: “Of course, it could be worse.  There was a bug in early versions of the CLR (which I believe was fixed before the first beta shipped, fortunately) where you could get an error message…

old (and long) e-mail ramble about agent technology and other trivia

Peter’s response to my TiVo post for some reason reminded me of a rambling e-mail conversation I had several months ago; for your amusement I repeat it below.  Incidentally, mail threads like this are reason #128 why I like working at Microsoft… From: Ken Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 12:12 PM To: Barry; Michael; Wade;…


Fault injection tools from Microsoft

In a response to my recent post on fault injection, Mark asks if I know of any publicly-available fault-injection frameworks.  Yes!  In fact, much of the fault-injection work done at Microsoft is built on top of work done by Microsoft Research, and you can also take advantage of their work.  In particular, look at the…


Code Name: “Avalon”

I noticed this link to Wesner Moise’s comments on Microsoft’s “Avalon” technology, to be debuted at PDC.  I’m certainly no Avalon expert, but I’ve been to their internal web site, and saw a demo once.  This is killer stuff.  Not wanting to be fired, I probably shouldn’t discuss it too much, but I will say…

For a good time, call 1-800-FAULT-INJECTION-TESTING

We have occasional debates here at Microsoft on the value of ‘white-box’ testing.  (For the sake of this discussion, ‘white-box’ testing means testing that takes advantage of internal product knowledge, while ‘black-box’ testing relies solely on the published API and behavior.) On the one hand, if the person who developed code writes the test for…