Interested in Indigo?

I’ve been posting some comments about Indigo on my other blog – feel free to subscribe if you’re interested in Indigo.  Here are some of the Indigo entries I’ve written: Fair warning, I do occasionally blog about non-technical topics.


this blog is moving to

 I find that (a) I don’t tend to write very many technical entries on this blog (which offends some readers), and (b) I feel constrained about posting on possibly-controversial topics, like politics or religion.  Not that my thoughts are *that* controversial – and Microsoft has never explicitly prohibited me from saying anything I want –…


Our hearts are with you, Pat

 Pat Helland just posted some terrible (and terribly personal) news on his blog – my heart goes out to him!

Microsoft Garage Band

Reason #193 why I like working for Microsoft: I’m leaving work today, and as usual I take the elevator down to the lowest level of the underground parking (there are four underground levels).  I get off the elevator and there, in the elevator entry room I see three of my team mates.  One is on…


kudos to Home Depot as well

 It seems like the week for good customer service on the blogs I read – here we see an example of Home Depot doing right by their customers.

Kudos to BankOne

You so often hear about crappy service from credit card and financial services companies; it was a delight to read this very positive report by Chris Sells on BankOne’s actions in response to credit card fraud on one of his accounts: “Apparently somebody got a hold of the number and started making charges with it…


Cool GUI for editing parameters in visual studio – vote for it!

 Mitch Denny proposes a very cool idea for popping up in-place GUI when you need to edit a formatted string or other parameter in source code.  He has posted his idea up on the Ladybug site; I’ve voted for it, and you should too!


Microsoft and Indian Academia: Progress, Problems, and Opportunities

 A friend of mine recently posted about the Microsoft presence in Indian schools.  He points out the great progress that Microsoft has made at Indian universities, and also points out some key areas for improvement.  I hope Microsoft India is reading…