There are only two kinds of developer…

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  1. AndrewSeven says:


    He blithely ignores who do not get specs or who only get specs after the product has shipped…unless that is annother category of moron.

  2. Andy Becker says:

    I regret that I actually clicked on that link, and that you took the time to post it. It may be tongue in cheek, granted, but it is more arrogant than anything else. Sort of like watching Fox News.

  3. Jason Haley says:

    I get it and there is some truth to it. When I worked for MetLife and we used alot of consultants to do developement, they usually fit mostly into one of those two descriptions – at least when they first started (before someone would set the straight or before they had a chance to fit into the group). Or at least that was my observation… Good humor, made me laugh 😉

  4. Mitch says:

    He is obviously in the spec writing category. This is a 100% one sided aproach. Therefore I would liken his approach to CNN or the Boston Globe.

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