TiVo should support external hard drives

 I noticed a post recently that commented on TiVo’s upcoming support for larger hard drives.  This reminded me of another idea I had – TiVo should support additional external hard drives.  After all, when I see something like La Cie’s new 1.6 TB external hard drive, the gadget freak in me immediately wants to order one.  Unfortunately, I can’t quite rationalize it to myself – my little 60GB laptop drive seems to be doing a fine job of holding all my digital pictures, why do I really need 1.6TB?  If TiVo allowed me to plug that drive in, however, I would be much more motivated to buy that honkin’ big drive!

Heck, TiVo and La Cie should do some kind of cross-branding promotional thingie – they could make bank!

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  1. rick says:

    The XBOX should support external drives too.

  2. Steve Hiner says:

    Over the years I’ve written ReplayTV no less that half a dozen times telling them they should support Firewire or USB drives. I’ve always been holding out for a PVR that’s easily expandable.

    I can only imagine how dumb users must have felt after shelling out $400 for a ReplayTV with 20 hours of recording the a year or two later there’s one with 40 or 80 hours. The only option seems to be dropping another $400.

    They need to totally separate the recording functionality from the storage. I’d be OK if the PVR was $50 cheaper and came without any storage at all. Then I could add whatever huge external drives I wanted. It’d be extra nice if they supported daisy chaining the drives so you could continually add drives without losing old recordings. They could probably shrink the PVR so it wouldn’t be any bigger than the external drive enclosure.

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