Microsoft and Indian Academia: Progress, Problems, and Opportunities

 A friend of mine recently posted about the Microsoft presence in Indian schools.  He points out the great progress that Microsoft has made at Indian universities, and also points out some key areas for improvement.  I hope Microsoft India is reading…


treasured blogger comes to Microsoft

I read here that Rory is coming to work at Microsoft.  Outstanding!  I have to admit that when I do my daily blog reading, I often skip over Rory’s, perhaps just admiring the titles, but leaving them unread on my to-do list – because I’m saving them up for a special time when I can…

avoid dialog boxes while refactoring

 I was reading a post about Visual Studio refactoring support in the next version, and I noticed that it described the process of refactoring the order of parameters for a function as something like this: 1.      click on a function name 2.      select refactor->reorder parameters from the menu 3.      adjust the ordering on a dialog…


Its like playing ‘Quake’, but in the real world

Despite my skepticism about head-mounted displays, I remain enthusiastic about the possibilities of ‘augmented reality’ – it is just too cool for words!  Here you see a research project that lets folks run around a (real not virtual) college campus, and shoot at monsters from the game ‘Quake’ that are superimposed on their vision.  The…


Think the product feedback rating system is wrong? go vote!

 If you think the MSDN Product Feedback Center rating equation isn’t right, go vote for this bug:  


TiVo should support external hard drives

 I noticed a post recently that commented on TiVo’s upcoming support for larger hard drives.  This reminded me of another idea I had – TiVo should support additional external hard drives.  After all, when I see something like La Cie’s new 1.6 TB external hard drive, the gadget freak in me immediately wants to order…