I know why moths fly toward light…

You see, back in the age of the mighty civilization of the dinosaurs, they had begun experimenting with genetic engineering.  One of their earlier attempts was to introduce glow-in-the-dark leaves on trees.  This provided illumination at night, and was quite picturesque.  These trees survived the dinosaurs that created them; but not by much.  The moths quickly evolved to recognize that light meant food, and ultimately they ravaged and completely destroyed all of the light-trees.  All that remains of that glorious time is the odd habit of moths to fly toward the light.

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  1. How then did fireflys get the glow substance stuck in their ass?

  2. Believe me, the trees were just the beginning of the the dinosaur’s genetic manipulations. They never should have messed around with those darn mammals, though…

  3. Annoyed says:

    What does this have to do with .NET? Please stop cluttering the main feed with this stuff.

  4. I’ve been posting non-.NET stuff for a while now; look at my archives. Most folks don’t seem to mind. I’m open to feedback, though; if folks out there don’t want to see my musings, please let me know. I did have a blog entry and associated discussion about this before, when my blog first moved to blogs.msdn.com:


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